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  1. Photo of Kerry Feltham

    Kerry Feltham Director

  2. Photo of Rafal Zielinski

    Rafal Zielinski Director

  3. Photo of Maurice Smith

    Maurice Smith Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Don Carmody

    Don Carmody Producer

  5. Photo of John Dunning

    John Dunning Producer

  6. Photo of Darrell Fetty

    Darrell Fetty Screenplay

  7. Photo of Richard Leiterman

    Richard Leiterman Cinematography

  8. Photo of Kim Myers

    Kim Myers Cast

  9. Photo of Isabelle Mejias

    Isabelle Mejias Cast

  10. Photo of James Wilder

    James Wilder Cast

  11. Photo of Jennifer Inch

    Jennifer Inch Cast

  12. Photo of Brian Dooley

    Brian Dooley Cast

  13. Photo of Walter Massey

    Walter Massey Cast

  14. Photo of Christopher Bolton

    Christopher Bolton Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Virgile

    Peter Virgile Cast

  16. Photo of Louis Tucci

    Louis Tucci Cast

  17. Photo of Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson Cast

  18. Photo of Lance Van Der Kolk

    Lance Van Der Kolk Cast

  19. Photo of Ted Nugent

    Ted Nugent Cast

  20. Photo of Thomas Metzger

    Thomas Metzger Editing

  21. Photo of Hélène Boulay

    Hélène Boulay Production Design

  22. Photo of Don Perry

    Don Perry Music

  23. Photo of Michael Liotta

    Michael Liotta Sound

  24. Photo of Don White

    Don White Sound

  25. Photo of Louise Jobin

    Louise Jobin Costume Design