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  1. Photo of Doug Aitken

    Doug Aitken Director, Cinematography, Executive Producer Cast

  2. Photo of Patti Smith

    Patti Smith Cast

  3. Photo of Thurston Moore

    Thurston Moore Cast

  4. Photo of Cat Power

    Cat Power Cast

  5. Photo of Ariel Pink

    Ariel Pink Cast

  6. Photo of Beck

    Beck Cast

  7. Photo of Edward Ruscha

    Edward Ruscha Cast

  8. Photo of Giorgio Moroder

    Giorgio Moroder Cast

  9. Photo of Chris Camp

    Chris Camp Cast

  10. Photo of Lydia Johnson-Gallegos

    Lydia Johnson-Gallegos Cast

  11. Photo of Yarrow Perea

    Yarrow Perea Cast

  12. Photo of Cold Cave

    Cold Cave Cast

  13. Photo of Destruction Unit

    Destruction Unit Cast

  14. Photo of Jackson Browne

    Jackson Browne Cast

  15. Photo of No Age

    No Age Cast

  16. Photo of Savages

    Savages Cast

  17. Photo of John Moloney

    John Moloney Cast

  18. Photo of Lucky Dragons

    Lucky Dragons Cast

  19. Photo of Eleanor Friedberger

    Eleanor Friedberger Cast

  20. Photo of White Mystery

    White Mystery Cast

  21. Photo of Eli Detweiler

    Eli Detweiler Cast

  22. Photo of Nite Jewel

    Nite Jewel Cast

  23. Photo of Liz Glynn

    Liz Glynn Cast

  24. Photo of Jackson Smith

    Jackson Smith Cast

  25. Photo of Bloodbirds

    Bloodbirds Cast

  26. Photo of Greg Watts

    Greg Watts Cast

  27. Photo of Olafur Eliasson

    Olafur Eliasson Cast

  28. Photo of Kate Casanova

    Kate Casanova Cast

  29. Photo of Urs Fischer

    Urs Fischer Cast

  30. Photo of Sam Falls

    Sam Falls Cast

  31. Photo of Sun Araw

    Sun Araw Cast

  32. Photo of Christian Jankowski

    Christian Jankowski Cast

  33. Photo of Ernesto Neto

    Ernesto Neto Cast

  34. Photo of Aaron Koblin

    Aaron Koblin Cast

  35. Photo of Black Monks Of Mississippi

    Black Monks Of Mississippi Cast

  36. Photo of Mavis Staples

    Mavis Staples Cast

  37. Photo of Rich South High School Marching Band

    Rich South High School Marching Band Cast

  38. Photo of Dan Deacon

    Dan Deacon Cast

  39. Photo of Thomas Demand

    Thomas Demand Cast

  40. Photo of William Eggleston

    William Eggleston Cast

  41. Photo of Yoshimio Trio

    Yoshimio Trio Cast

  42. Photo of Cornbread Harris

    Cornbread Harris Cast

  43. Photo of The Conquerors

    The Conquerors Cast

  44. Photo of Lawrence Weiner

    Lawrence Weiner Cast

  45. Photo of THEESatisfaction

    THEESatisfaction Cast

  46. Photo of Jonah Bokaer

    Jonah Bokaer Cast

  47. Photo of AIRLOCKS trio

    AIRLOCKS trio Cast

  48. Photo of Gary Indiana

    Gary Indiana Cast

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