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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Andrei Burcea's rating of the film Stealth

    Shame, it could have been a really great action movie if it wouldn't had been with love recipe.

  2. Pijus Balkaitis's rating of the film Stealth

    i watch this movie because it is set to be in 2016 (the upcoming year), and i thought that director of 'fast and furious' will make an entertaining movie, which 'stealth' kind of is. action packed, shaky camera, love story.. but this movie was just too shallow and dumb. i would recommend it only for those, who are all-in sci-fi, video games or children toys

  3. Antonio León Medina's rating of the film Stealth

    The film has good scenes, and the history was good. I love to listen my favorite band Incubus in many parts of the film, it was a surprise to heard.

  4. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film Stealth