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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jane Møller Larsen's rating of the film Steam of Life

    I wish more people would make more of such tragicomic, weird and warm and special films like this one. See it if you get the chance, simply because you will probably never get the opportunity to see anything like it again.

  2. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Steam of Life

    Hot sweaty men talk about life - and show that anything can be turned into a sauna. "Sometimes it's good to talk."

  3. Aquieu's rating of the film Steam of Life

    The stories of hardships that these men share and the veils of masculinity they often rely on to cope under these pressures makes it harder for them to emotionally confide in their fellow man. Feelings of loss, isolation and rejection slip away in these saunas and we're left with a delicate and touching documentary that shows the communal healing power of self-reflection through simple conversation.