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  1. Photo of Ernest D. Farino

    Ernest D. Farino Director

  2. Photo of Joseph Dougherty

    Joseph Dougherty Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Dave Edison

    Dave Edison Screenplay

  4. Photo of Clare Wren

    Clare Wren Cast

  5. Photo of Bruce Davison

    Bruce Davison Cast

  6. Photo of Stacy Haiduk

    Stacy Haiduk Cast

  7. Photo of David Naughton

    David Naughton Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Cerveris

    Michael Cerveris Cast

  9. Photo of Scott Burkholder

    Scott Burkholder Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Lieber

    Paul Lieber Cast

  11. Photo of Brian Backer

    Brian Backer Cast

  12. Photo of John J. York

    John J. York Cast

  13. Photo of Nick Tate

    Nick Tate Cast

  14. Photo of David L. Lander

    David L. Lander Cast

  15. Photo of John DeMita

    John DeMita Cast

  16. Photo of Brenda Swanson

    Brenda Swanson Cast

  17. Photo of J. Cynthia Brooks

    J. Cynthia Brooks Cast

  18. Photo of Hank Garrett

    Hank Garrett Cast

  19. Photo of Thomas L. Callaway

    Thomas L. Callaway Cinematography

  20. Photo of John Massari

    John Massari Music

  21. Photo of Blair Martin

    Blair Martin Production Design

  22. Photo of David DeCoteau

    David DeCoteau Producer

  23. Photo of Thomas A. Keith

    Thomas A. Keith Producer

  24. Photo of John Schouweiler

    John Schouweiler Producer

  25. Photo of Charles W. Fries

    Charles W. Fries Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Christopher Roth

    Christopher Roth Editing

  27. Photo of Louis Creveling

    Louis Creveling Sound

  28. Photo of Tim Fletcher

    Tim Fletcher Sound

  29. Photo of David Grant

    David Grant Sound

  30. Photo of D.J. Ritchie

    D.J. Ritchie Sound

  31. Photo of Steve Scoville

    Steve Scoville Sound

  32. Photo of Michael Wetherwax

    Michael Wetherwax Sound

  33. Photo of María Aguilar

    María Aguilar Costume Design