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  1. Photo of Egon Günther

    Egon Günther Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Helga Schütz

    Helga Schütz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rolf Ludwig

    Rolf Ludwig Cast

  4. Photo of Franziska Herold

    Franziska Herold Cast

  5. Photo of Evelin Dahm

    Evelin Dahm Cast

  6. Photo of Johanna Möhring

    Johanna Möhring Cast

  7. Photo of Änne Ferse

    Änne Ferse Cast

  8. Photo of Margit Bendokat

    Margit Bendokat Cast

  9. Photo of Uwe Dag Berlin

    Uwe Dag Berlin Cast

  10. Photo of Eckhard Doblies

    Eckhard Doblies Cast

  11. Photo of Jörg Foth

    Jörg Foth Cast

  12. Photo of Gerhard Hähndel

    Gerhard Hähndel Cast

  13. Photo of Alexander Hetterle

    Alexander Hetterle Cast

  14. Photo of Erich Gusko

    Erich Gusko Cinematography

  15. Photo of Karl-Ernst Sasse

    Karl-Ernst Sasse Music

  16. Photo of Harald Horn

    Harald Horn Production Design

  17. Photo of Herbert Ehler

    Herbert Ehler Producer

  18. Photo of Cesare Landricina

    Cesare Landricina Producer

  19. Photo of Monika Schindler

    Monika Schindler Editing

  20. Photo of Rainer Haase

    Rainer Haase Sound

  21. Photo of Klaus Hornemann

    Klaus Hornemann Sound

  22. Photo of Christiane Dorst

    Christiane Dorst Costume Design