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  1. Photo of Miguel Faria Jr.

    Miguel Faria Jr. Producer and Director

  2. Photo of Tânia Lamarca

    Tânia Lamarca Producer

  3. Photo of José Zimerman

    José Zimerman Producer

  4. Photo of Rubem Fonseca

    Rubem Fonseca Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jacques Cheuiche

    Jacques Cheuiche Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ester Goés

    Ester Goés Cast

  7. Photo of Marcos Palmeira

    Marcos Palmeira Cast

  8. Photo of André Barros

    André Barros Cast

  9. Photo of Bolão

    Bolão Cast

  10. Photo of Catalina Bonakie

    Catalina Bonakie Cast

  11. Photo of Lília Cabral

    Lília Cabral Cast

  12. Photo of Adriana Calcanhoto

    Adriana Calcanhoto Cast

  13. Photo of João Camargo

    João Camargo Cast

  14. Photo of Pedro Cardoso

    Pedro Cardoso Cast

  15. Photo of Eduardo Conde

    Eduardo Conde Cast

  16. Photo of Jorge Coutinho

    Jorge Coutinho Cast

  17. Photo of André Estrela

    André Estrela Cast

  18. Photo of Chico Expedito

    Chico Expedito Cast

  19. Photo of Xala Felippi

    Xala Felippi Cast

  20. Photo of Stela Freitas

    Stela Freitas Cast

  21. Photo of Guilherme Karan

    Guilherme Karan Cast

  22. Photo of José Lewgoy

    José Lewgoy Cast

  23. Photo of Paulo Lima

    Paulo Lima Cast

  24. Photo of Catarina Magalhães

    Catarina Magalhães Cast

  25. Photo of Iran Mello

    Iran Mello Cast

  26. Photo of Reginaldo Mendes

    Reginaldo Mendes Cast

  27. Photo of Ilva Niño

    Ilva Niño Cast

  28. Photo of Ana Beatriz Nogueira

    Ana Beatriz Nogueira Cast

  29. Photo of Emiliano Queiroz

    Emiliano Queiroz Cast

  30. Photo of Paulo Reis

    Paulo Reis Cast

  31. Photo of João Signorelli

    João Signorelli Cast

  32. Photo of Rosita Thomaz Lopes

    Rosita Thomaz Lopes Cast

  33. Photo of Clemente Viscaíno

    Clemente Viscaíno Cast

  34. Photo of Marta Luz

    Marta Luz Editing

  35. Photo of Oswaldo Lioi

    Oswaldo Lioi Production Design

  36. Photo of Edgar Duvivier

    Edgar Duvivier Music

  37. Photo of Bruno Fernandes

    Bruno Fernandes Sound

  38. Photo of Roberto Leite

    Roberto Leite Sound

  39. Photo of Valéria Mauro

    Valéria Mauro Sound

  40. Photo of Francisco Souza

    Francisco Souza Sound

  41. Photo of Carlos Prieto

    Carlos Prieto Costume Design