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  1. Photo of Jon M. Chu

    Jon M. Chu Director

  2. Photo of Toni Ann Johnson

    Toni Ann Johnson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Karen Barna

    Karen Barna Screenplay

  4. Photo of Briana Evigan

    Briana Evigan Cast

  5. Photo of Robert Hoffman

    Robert Hoffman Cast

  6. Photo of Adam G. Sevani

    Adam G. Sevani Cast

  7. Photo of Cassie Ventura

    Cassie Ventura Cast

  8. Photo of Danielle Polanco

    Danielle Polanco Cast

  9. Photo of Christopher Scott

    Christopher Scott Cast

  10. Photo of Mari Koda

    Mari Koda Cast

  11. Photo of Janelle Cambridge

    Janelle Cambridge Cast

  12. Photo of Luis Rosado

    Luis Rosado Cast

  13. Photo of Harry Shum Jr.

    Harry Shum Jr. Cast

  14. Photo of LaJon Dantzler

    LaJon Dantzler Cast

  15. Photo of Telisha Shaw

    Telisha Shaw Cast

  16. Photo of Black Thomas

    Black Thomas Cast

  17. Photo of Will Kemp

    Will Kemp Cast

  18. Photo of Jennifer Rouse

    Jennifer Rouse Cast

  19. Photo of Kmel Howell

    Kmel Howell Cast

  20. Photo of Tony Devon

    Tony Devon Cast

  21. Photo of Brian Anthony Wilson

    Brian Anthony Wilson Cast

  22. Photo of Jesus Maldonado

    Jesus Maldonado Cast

  23. Photo of Ivana Vitomir

    Ivana Vitomir Cast

  24. Photo of Jamal Sims

    Jamal Sims Cast

  25. Photo of Hi-Hat

    Hi-Hat Cast

  26. Photo of Dave Scott

    Dave Scott Cast

  27. Photo of Channing Tatum

    Channing Tatum Cast

  28. Photo of Max Malkin

    Max Malkin Cinematography

  29. Photo of Aaron Zigman

    Aaron Zigman Music

  30. Photo of Devorah Herbert

    Devorah Herbert Production Design

  31. Photo of Erik Feig

    Erik Feig Producer

  32. Photo of Jennifer Gibgot

    Jennifer Gibgot Producer

  33. Photo of Adam Shankman

    Adam Shankman Producer

  34. Photo of Patrick Wachsberger

    Patrick Wachsberger Producer

  35. Photo of Anne Fletcher

    Anne Fletcher Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Bob Hayward

    Bob Hayward Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Meredith Milton

    Meredith Milton Executive Producer

  38. Photo of David Nicksay

    David Nicksay Executive Producer

  39. Photo of Nicholas Erasmus

    Nicholas Erasmus Editing

  40. Photo of Andrew Marcus

    Andrew Marcus Editing