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  1. Peter's rating of the film Still Life

    A beautiful film about life, death and the importance and value of caring.

  2. Corriel's rating of the film Still Life

    Really good, beautiful and touching.

  3. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Still Life

    Still Life est de ces petits films qui vous bouleversent. Avec une grande subtilité, le taiseux Marsan incarne l'ange gardien des délaissés, ceux qui meurent oubliés. Il les symbolisent tous d'ailleurs, ces gens qui meurent seuls et dont il se fait le dernier compagnon. S'affairant à les faire vivre encore un peu, comme si la solitude dont il tente de les extraire, sans succès, était plus que la sienne : la notre !

  4. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Still Life

    Rather like the kind of play that British television once regularly produced like shelled peas, this is a sweetly slight circling of notions of the value of uneventful lives terminated without a concluding punctuation mark. As such the film dwindles into inevitable cliche denying itself it’s own satisfying full stop in the process. Perhaps human lost property would have made a more convincing documentary.

  5. petit astronaute's rating of the film Still Life

    (1.5) TV stuff, not bad, just irrelevant

  6. Noli Manaig's rating of the film Still Life

    Noteworthy for a nicety or two, but something is so familiar with its "death throes" that you can perform on it the extreme unction. Man in a lonely, thankless job of managing the dead. Notifying next of kin. Writing eulogies. Arranging burials. When a neighbor dies, epiphany kicks in, whereupon, the film swings between realism & religious fantasy, tripping all over itself with a hokey, consolatory beatitude.

  7. lou.'s rating of the film Still Life

    I cried a river. This man. Oh my. I cried. Like, A LOT.

  8. Cemre Polat's rating of the film Still Life

    "Sanki hiç konuşmuyorlar gibiydi. Sadece birlikte bir bankta otururlardı. Hepimizin istediği de bu zaten, değil mi? Bir kadınla sessiz olmak."

  9. dave gunn's rating of the film Still Life

    A slow, simple, but no less devastatingly sad film about dying alone.

  10. dino dancer's rating of the film Still Life

  11. Graham Ball's rating of the film Still Life

    What a wonderful film! I absolutely love it. The whole experience is so gently handled in a mature fashion so rarely seen in contemporary cinema. So much is considered in an insightful way that bigger, significantly more hyped films could not even get close to. This is a film that will find an audience for years to come and deservedly so. I implore anyone reading this to please watch 'Still Life' and spread the word!

  12. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Still Life

    4.5. Beautiful, sad, poetic. What an ending, the best I've seen in 2015 alongside Noé's Love !!

  13. Marta Donati's rating of the film Still Life

    A bittersweet, beautiful, tender movie. Eddie Marsan gives a masterful performance. A must watch.

  14. Charlotte Normand's rating of the film Still Life

  15. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Still Life

    Un très beau film tendre,sensible et profondément humain. Chronique complète sur Citazine :

  16. rcd's rating of the film Still Life

    C: Stream of death. It was ok

  17. PimPieter's rating of the film Still Life

    I think this film doesn't just concern the loneliness of the protagonist, but it's also about a level of job engagement that is becoming obsolete. John May is doing his best to give the deceased a worthy funeral and cares for the feelings of their relatives. This is in sharp contrast to his manager, who wants to fire him because the funerals he organizes are too costly.

  18. Artemis's rating of the film Still Life

    A reverential and profoundly bittersweet meditation on life and loneliness.

  19. Kamran's rating of the film Still Life

  20. Palmat's rating of the film Still Life

    Well made but a little underhwelming considering the material. Marsan is spot on as the central character but the script and director does little to support his fine performance. What should have been a unique experience ends up a bit contrived and been-there-seen-it-before. Still the movie has heart and a quiet ambition that is to be lauded. Worth your time but won't change your world.

  21. Matt Richards's rating of the film Still Life

    Interesting setting but very familiar in lonely guy who spends all his time looking after people with no-one else comes to discover that he's really been doing it because he has no-one himself. The ending is pure farce. I wasn't a fan of the photography either. 2 stars

  22. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Still Life

    “Still Life” is a grey, gloomy, and fatalist film in every sense, but nonetheless rewards us deeply in the end.

  23. amicinema's rating of the film Still Life

    Ne parliamo qui:

  24. affasf's rating of the film Still Life

    John’s conduct parodies drama, and it mocks Kanji Watanabe. John discovers the pleasure of mundane amenities, he is still deluded. On the contrary, Kanji understands that true joy is connected with oblivion, and realizes his predicament in that glorious scene on the ladder. John gains the pity in sympathetic manner (he dies under unfortunate events); Kanji obtains praise through abandonment (he embraces it).

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