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Ratings & Reviews

  1. stevecobbett's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    This film tries desperately to be a beautiful arty film and because it tries so hard it fails miserably. Revoltingly self-conscious and pretentious. Neneh Cherry whispers meaningless nothings throughout the ENTIRE film. It's like one of those laughable perfume ads. Dreadful.

  2. anya_h's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    Many beautiful still shoots that could have been magnificent photographic pictures. They don't necessarily work as motion pictures, as the narrative dilutes the haunting mist and the memory of the past leaving us with non diegetic inscriptions on the walls of Stockholm.

  3. Superfrog's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    Not engaging, needlessly pretentious, cheap in symbolism, some plans criminally badly shot.

  4. Jegsy's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    The semi-fictional meanderings of Neneh Cherry as an unlikely architect wandering around Stockholm pontificating about buildings is as unconvincing as it sounds. It's also deeply boring.

  5. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    As much as I disagree with Mark Cousins, I do love him. His passion for, and knowledge of, cinema, and his generally optimistic view of the world around us are great qualities. Unfortunately, his sensibilities are often quite far removed from my own. As is the case here, as Neneh Cherry wanders around Stockholm and reminisces about the place in the narrative feature debut from Cousins (after so many documentaries).

  6. Angus George Alexander Brown's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    I haven't seen such a haunting and poetic exploration of space since Guy Maddin's 'My Winnipeg'. The city is fact but the story fiction.

  7. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    Visually beautiful, emotionally mature. I really enjoyed it.

  8. Al Green's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    I loved this, once I got over the first few minutes thinking that there'd be no narrative. I loved the intimacy and introspection brought on by the sparse and empty Stockholm and the key event which allows Cherry's character to unravel herself...

  9. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    Mark Cousins is pedantic, verbose, earnest, and redundant as ever (did anybody endure more than ten minutes of his atrocious Sardinian travelogue? I didn't think so). Cousins' rhetorical questions make the viewing experience excruciating. Can somebody please re-edit this without voice over and intertexts?Neneh Cherry is magnificent, but even a fierce Buffalo stance can't save this pedestrian exercise.

  10.'s rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    Sublimely ethereal, both a lyrical ode to Stockholm and a tender offering of soul this is a perfect demonstration of how cinema, cast free from narrative constraints, can really shine.

  11. nematomaranka's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    cheers for showing the absolute bleakness of stockholm.

  12. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Stockholm My Love

    A very mixed bag. Some sublime moments and a justifiably strong focus on Stockholm as a city of refuge. At the same time it is highly impressionistic largely providing surface fragments rather than a compelling narrative and spatchcocking in a personal story led to considerable longueurs that felt stretched in order to demonstrate the city as a place of individual sanctuary.