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  1. Photo of Karin Fahlén

    Karin Fahlén Director

  2. Photo of Erik Ahrnbom

    Erik Ahrnbom Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mikael Södersten

    Mikael Södersten Screenplay

  4. Photo of Martin Wallström

    Martin Wallström Cast

  5. Photo of Jonas Karlsson

    Jonas Karlsson Cast, Screenplay

  6. Photo of Cecilia Frode

    Cecilia Frode Cast

  7. Photo of Julia Ragnarsson

    Julia Ragnarsson Cast

  8. Photo of Filip Berg

    Filip Berg Cast

  9. Photo of Marie Richardson

    Marie Richardson Cast

  10. Photo of David Dencik

    David Dencik Cast

  11. Photo of Dejan Cukić

    Dejan Cukić Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Carlberg

    Peter Carlberg Cast

  13. Photo of Pia Halvorsen

    Pia Halvorsen Cast

  14. Photo of Niklas Engdahl

    Niklas Engdahl Cast

  15. Photo of Sven Ahlström

    Sven Ahlström Cast

  16. Photo of Ulf Friberg

    Ulf Friberg Cast

  17. Photo of Gustaf Hammarsten

    Gustaf Hammarsten Cast

  18. Photo of Happy Jankell

    Happy Jankell Cast

  19. Photo of Karin Knutsson

    Karin Knutsson Cast

  20. Photo of Anki Larsson

    Anki Larsson Cast

  21. Photo of Joakim Lundberg

    Joakim Lundberg Cast

  22. Photo of Ellen Mattsson

    Ellen Mattsson Cast

  23. Photo of Alida Morberg

    Alida Morberg Cast

  24. Photo of Shebly Niavarani

    Shebly Niavarani Cast

  25. Photo of Tito Pencheff

    Tito Pencheff Cast

  26. Photo of Joel Spira

    Joel Spira Cast

  27. Photo of Kjell Wilhelmsen

    Kjell Wilhelmsen Cast

  28. Photo of Martina Stöhr

    Martina Stöhr Producer

  29. Photo of Nathan Larson

    Nathan Larson Music

  30. Photo of Mattias Rudh

    Mattias Rudh Cinematography

  31. Photo of Fredrik Morheden

    Fredrik Morheden Editing

  32. Photo of Roger Rosenberg

    Roger Rosenberg Production Design