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  1. Photo of Erik Blomberg

    Erik Blomberg Executive Producer, Producer, Editing, Screenplay, Cinematography

  2. Photo of Eino Mäkinen

    Eino Mäkinen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tuulikki Paananen

    Tuulikki Paananen Cast

  4. Photo of Ilmari Mänty

    Ilmari Mänty Cast

  5. Photo of Santeri Karilo

    Santeri Karilo Cast

  6. Photo of Annie Mörk

    Annie Mörk Cast

  7. Photo of Bertha Lindberg

    Bertha Lindberg Cast

  8. Photo of Hertta Leistén

    Hertta Leistén Cast

  9. Photo of Gabriel Tossu

    Gabriel Tossu Cast

  10. Photo of Jalmari Parikka

    Jalmari Parikka Cast

  11. Photo of Aku Peltonen

    Aku Peltonen Cast

  12. Photo of Aatos Konst

    Aatos Konst Cast

  13. Photo of Viljo Kervinen

    Viljo Kervinen Cast

  14. Photo of Paavo Kuoppala

    Paavo Kuoppala Cast

  15. Photo of Yrjö Salminen

    Yrjö Salminen Cast

  16. Photo of Kusti Laitinen

    Kusti Laitinen Cast

  17. Photo of Nyrki Tapiovaara

    Nyrki Tapiovaara Editing, Director

  18. Photo of Kille Oksanen

    Kille Oksanen Production Design

  19. Photo of Ilmari Tapiovaara

    Ilmari Tapiovaara Production Design

  20. Photo of George de Godzinsky

    George de Godzinsky Music

  21. Photo of L. E. Pulkkila

    L. E. Pulkkila Sound