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  1. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Stone

    Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, thank you again.

  2. songoflos's rating of the film Stone

    A incredible cast for a perfect disaster.

  3. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Stone

    The conceit - the effects on a man's soul when regret, pride, arrogance and faith get thrown into a blender and set on 'puree' - is absolutely singular for a studio film. Especially one as expertly acted and crafted as this. Despite its truncated ending, recommended as a bizarre, obscure film about the effects of faith on the faithless, which is a rare thing.

  4. Barboza's rating of the film Stone

    Interesting ideas here, detachment, spiritual awakenings ironically after a committing a crime. The movie doesn't quite work for me though. The visual motifs, the symbolism, all hammered in so aggressively you can't help but roll your eyes. For a film with abstract ideas, the director was oddly loud about everything, like he was afraid that no one would understand. Disappointing to me because I dig Curran.

  5. Maximilian XXI's rating of the film Stone

    Does anyone else think "American History X" when looking at that still?

  6. BrianFromConcentrate's rating of the film Stone

    I recently saw this film and I was impressed (as usual) with Edward Norton's performance. Without spoiling anything, I could definitely understand the feelings he eventually admitted he experienced during the fire. The film itself, on the whole, was very good but lacked in certain areas. I don't think any other actors could have pulled it off nearly as well. Mila Jovovich and Frances Conroy were great support.

  7. Kim Packard's rating of the film Stone

    Dionysus Award 2011 "symbology of the bee is used by a political theorist for human society-- public virtues and private vices-- on the theme of meaning and nothingness"

  8. Jason Callen's rating of the film Stone

  9. Panji's rating of the film Stone

    I often got confused with this kind of comment, but, I just watched this again and what can I say is, this is a movie that deserves a second chance to be watched.

  10. Richard Parkins's rating of the film Stone

    Generally entertaining and enjoyable to watch, if one doesn't take the film's overly drawn out religious/philosophical undertone too seriously. Milla Jovovich is amazing.

  11. Mark Garrett's rating of the film Stone

    The taste of PAINTED VEIL was still in my mouth, and there's a great movie here, but buried underneath too many jarring contrasts. However, Jovovich, Norton, and De Niro each create startlingly memorable characters. Perhaps, though, the contrasts of this film make it worthwhile, the different sour tastes of Norton's white trash tongue, the honeysuckle saccharine nude Jovovich, and the old school, lost De Niro.

  12. Vinson Gabato's rating of the film Stone

    A rather disappointing de Niro-Norton collaboration.

  13. iremderici's rating of the film Stone

    the crappiest ending ever!

  14. Dalga Maris's rating of the film Stone

    "zoraki devam ettirdiğin günlerinin biriktiği ve birbirine artık kenetlendiği bir hayat yumağı.sadece sana ait olan ve dışarı gözle görülmeyen parçacığını bile bulaştırmayan.o kadar sana ait... yakınlaştıkça ve durdukça yine bir vızıltıyla uyarıldığın uyanış." bana bunu getirdi.

  15. petrsc's rating of the film Stone

    Best movie about lost soul since the American Beauty. Awesom! *****

  16. Gordon Buno-Basire's rating of the film Stone

    Most dislike this movie for what are predominately the wrong reasons. The trailer created expectations that ruined the possibility of any decent or fair minded reception. The beginning implies the end. View the movie on its own terms. What's mainly a remorseless, unapologetic character study with philosophic overtones was grossly misbranded as a "suspense thriller." This misses the mark entirely.

  17. Don't Get Nasty Brother's rating of the film Stone

    It was kind of boring but I guess it's because I wasn't expecting such an anticlimactic ending. DeNiro seems to be back on shape, the same with Norton. Although the performance is not up to the other two Milla Jovovich kind of proof the she can do something else besides the Resident Evil films.

  18. Simone's rating of the film Stone

    Il film tenta di mettere in scena un triangolo di rapporti alla Hannibal Lecter-Clarice, fallendo però miseramente (nonostante il calibro degli attori)...

  19. Liam Brennan's rating of the film Stone

    This is a film where you have to keep watching in huge anticipation of an epic ending, but once we get there, we are disappointed by the lacklustreness of ideas. Norton is great and he and De Niro share some great scenes. To be fair, the idea for the movie is decent but there are times we lose belief in every character. We've been waiting for 15 years for De Niro to make his farewell classic but this is not it. 6/10

  20. fortytwoshadesofblue's rating of the film Stone

    I always look forward to see Edward Norton in a film. Then I regret it.

  21. Jacir's rating of the film Stone

  22. Steve's rating of the film Stone

    One of the worst performances by Norton and De Niro and Jovovich is terrible as usual. Very disappointing.

  23. Minnie Mouse's rating of the film Stone

    There's nothing Edward can´t do :P Amazing performance (as usual)... Best performance ever from Milla Jovovich!!!

  24. Bullitt's rating of the film Stone

    A pretentious and illogical film full of contradictory characters and heavy-handed metaphors. Very disappointing.

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