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Ratings & Reviews

  1. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Stone Cold

    One of my favorite action movies

  2. Brian O'blivion's rating of the film Stone Cold

    Baxley's visually strong direction separates him from his b-class action colleagues. He reminds me of Renny Harlin and his efforts from the same period; films with zero intellect and gripping, flawless technical execution.

  3. Rob Mann's rating of the film Stone Cold

    Big blonde Brian Bosworth biker boobies! BUY A SHIRT!!! Nobody in this movie takes themselves seriously. Very entertaining. *KNOCKING* "...FBI!" (cut to a reaction shot by the pet Gila monster).

  4. W2's rating of the film Stone Cold

    Mubi NEEDS a picture for this biker gang epic.

  5. CEPUNK's rating of the film Stone Cold

    Lance really sold me on the film with his biker look. A very entertaining over the top actioner and quite possibly underrated, must watch for any fans of 80s cheese.

  6. Ademption's rating of the film Stone Cold

    A remarkably bad vanity picture featuring former NFL player Bosworth as a rogue undercover cop infiltrating a biker gang. My favorite thing about Stone Cold is how everyone implicitly trusts Bosworth for absolutely no reason.The acting is wooden; the plot, nonsensical; the dialogue, brutal; but there are lots of ridiculous explosions. Fun mindless action. The entire budget was spent on explosives and it shows.