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  1. Jye Sherwell's rating of the film Stonewall

    Man, people be hating hard on this. I enjoyed it a lot. Each to their own (my own digs it)...

  2. f-nanda's rating of the film Stonewall

    I don't have words for such disappointment. The scenario made me feel at a crossover between sesame street and any classic musical movie. The main character is the weakest. I'm a sucker for civil rights movies and as awesome as Stonewall is its hard to find available content to see about it. That makes me angry and sad. So I had high hopes about this and I didn't felt that it made justice to the real events.

  3. Cody Hoskins's rating of the film Stonewall

    As boldly as it appears to address the fighting spirit of gay America, it gets disjointed in its tone and focus with too many campy stereotypes and annoyingly melodramatic devises that make it hard to stay clear with a central theme.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Stonewall

    Why would you take a tale as iconic and historical as the Stonewall riots and make a bland mainstream 'entertainment' out of it. Terrible scripting that feels the need to make our protagonist a clean cut white boy and ruins any intent with revisionist history for dramatic convenience. One saving grace is Jonny Beauchamp who is the sweet fly in the sickly ointment here. For shame really.

  5. neubau's rating of the film Stonewall

    It's a gay (=stupid) movie, not a noble lie like Selma. Genius playwright John R. Baitz wrote a touching, smart, subversive musical comedy, that got politically suppressed! Emmerich did it justice. It shouts FU to the entire straight project, and its "political" SJW lapdogs, the Greek chorus of the self-centered neo-liberal times. Gays are cool because they riot when they can't dance. They don't owe you a thing.

  6. lepetitjermey's rating of the film Stonewall

  7. Scott Lucas's rating of the film Stonewall

    It's a particular thrill to see the Stonewall Riots being given the "Coyote Ugly" treatment. I smell a new cult classic.