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  1. Photo of Lev Atamanov

    Lev Atamanov Director

  2. Photo of Raisa Frichinskaya

    Raisa Frichinskaya Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roza Khusnutdinova

    Roza Khusnutdinova Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alexander Panov

    Alexander Panov Animation

  5. Photo of Igor Podgorsky

    Igor Podgorsky Animation

  6. Photo of Violetta Kolesnikova

    Violetta Kolesnikova Animation

  7. Photo of Alexander Davydov

    Alexander Davydov Animation

  8. Photo of Elvira Avakiyan

    Elvira Avakiyan Animation

  9. Photo of Renata Mirenkova

    Renata Mirenkova Animation

  10. Photo of Sophia Gubaidulina

    Sophia Gubaidulina Music

  11. Photo of Fedor Ivanov

    Fedor Ivanov Executive Producer

  12. Photo of George Martynuk

    George Martynuk Sound

  13. Photo of Michael Druyan

    Michael Druyan Cinematography