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  1. Photo of Jean Georgescu

    Jean Georgescu Director

  2. Photo of Ion Luca Caragiale

    Ion Luca Caragiale Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stefan Baroi

    Stefan Baroi Cast

  4. Photo of Radu Beligan

    Radu Beligan Cast

  5. Photo of Elena Bulandra

    Elena Bulandra Cast

  6. Photo of Gheorghe Cipran

    Gheorghe Cipran Cast

  7. Photo of Iancu Constantinescu

    Iancu Constantinescu Cast

  8. Photo of George Demetru

    George Demetru Cast

  9. Photo of Florica Demion

    Florica Demion Cast

  10. Photo of Miluta Gheorghiu

    Miluta Gheorghiu Cast

  11. Photo of Alexandru Giugaru

    Alexandru Giugaru Cast

  12. Photo of Leontina Ioanid

    Leontina Ioanid Cast

  13. Photo of Ion Cantacuzino

    Ion Cantacuzino Producer

  14. Photo of Paul Constantinescu

    Paul Constantinescu Music

  15. Photo of Gérard Perrin

    Gérard Perrin Cinematography

  16. Photo of Lucia Anton

    Lucia Anton Editing

  17. Photo of Stefan Norris

    Stefan Norris Costume Design and Production Design