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  1. Photo of Manuel Flurin Hendry

    Manuel Flurin Hendry Director

  2. Photo of David Keller

    David Keller Screenplay

  3. Photo of Susann Rüdlinger

    Susann Rüdlinger Producer

  4. Photo of Michael Sauter

    Michael Sauter Music and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Filip Zumbrunn

    Filip Zumbrunn Cinematography

  6. Photo of Markus Welter

    Markus Welter Editing

  7. Photo of Georg Bringolf

    Georg Bringolf Production Design

  8. Photo of Roeland Wiesnekker

    Roeland Wiesnekker Cast

  9. Photo of Johanna Bantzer

    Johanna Bantzer Cast

  10. Photo of Nderim Hajrullahu

    Nderim Hajrullahu Cast

  11. Photo of Manuel Löwensberg

    Manuel Löwensberg Cast

  12. Photo of Mike Müller

    Mike Müller Cast

  13. Photo of Max Rüdlinger

    Max Rüdlinger Cast

  14. Photo of Raphael Clamer

    Raphael Clamer Cast

  15. Photo of Elfat Nuhiji

    Elfat Nuhiji Cast

  16. Photo of Martin Hug

    Martin Hug Cast

  17. Photo of Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew Mitchell Cast

  18. Photo of Jonas Rüegg

    Jonas Rüegg Cast

  19. Photo of Dominique Jann

    Dominique Jann Cast

  20. Photo of Liri Lushi

    Liri Lushi Cast

  21. Photo of Adem Kicai

    Adem Kicai Cast