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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jorge Negrete's rating of the film Strange Illusion

    A film noir in which the subconscious, filled with fog and shadows, is the main setting.

  2. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Strange Illusion

    **1/2. Maybe, it was the bad DVD transfer but I wasn't fully enthralled by this Ulmer movie. I even liked better the Bertrand Tavernier analysis of Strange Illusion found in the bonus section. A curious object nevertheless; for instance, I can't think right now of another movie ending with a dream.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Strange Illusion

    Solid 'B' thriller from director Ulmer that tells a fairly exciting story not so far removed from 'Hamlet'. A young man has a vision that his father's death was no accident and that a strange man has designs on his mother. On his return home he finds many elements of his dream slowly coming true and a devious psychiatrist comes into the mix as well. Ulmer always had a knack for this kind of material.

  4. Holyphool's rating of the film Strange Illusion

    Through an almost unwatchably dark print this is one of Ulmer's strangest, twisted, Freudian films that could do with major restoration. A nightmare labyrinth when dreams become real: the son of a recently widowed woman attempts to to stop a lascivious homicidal maniac from marrying the woman. The film chokes B-noir with its Schumann concerto scoring and evil, shadowy atmosphere.