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  1. Photo of H. Bruce Humberstone

    H. Bruce Humberstone Director

  2. Photo of Stuart Anthony

    Stuart Anthony Screenplay

  3. Photo of Warren Duff

    Warren Duff Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tiffany Thayer

    Tiffany Thayer Novel

  5. Photo of Samuel Bischoff

    Samuel Bischoff Producer

  6. Photo of Val Burton

    Val Burton Music

  7. Photo of Arthur Edeson

    Arthur Edeson Cinematography

  8. Photo of David Berg

    David Berg Editing

  9. Photo of Elizabeth Coleman

    Elizabeth Coleman Costume Design

  10. Photo of Corson Jowett

    Corson Jowett Sound

  11. Photo of ZaSu Pitts

    ZaSu Pitts Cast

  12. Photo of Lucien Littlefield

    Lucien Littlefield Cast

  13. Photo of Eugene Pallette

    Eugene Pallette Cast

  14. Photo of Tully Marshall

    Tully Marshall Cast

  15. Photo of Miriam Seegar

    Miriam Seegar Cast

  16. Photo of Theodore von Eltz

    Theodore von Eltz Cast

  17. Photo of Warner Richmond

    Warner Richmond Cast

  18. Photo of Harold Waldridge

    Harold Waldridge Cast

  19. Photo of Mahlon Hamilton

    Mahlon Hamilton Cast

  20. Photo of Alan Roscoe

    Alan Roscoe Cast