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  1. Photo of Forest Whitaker

    Forest Whitaker Director

  2. Photo of Colin Callender

    Colin Callender Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Nellie Nugiel

    Nellie Nugiel Producer

  4. Photo of Dena Kleiman

    Dena Kleiman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Larry Banks

    Larry Banks Cinematography

  6. Photo of Bokeem Woodbine

    Bokeem Woodbine Cast

  7. Photo of Fredro Starr

    Fredro Starr Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Biehn

    Michael Biehn Cast

  9. Photo of Starletta DuPois

    Starletta DuPois Cast

  10. Photo of Kia Goodwin

    Kia Goodwin Cast

  11. Photo of Jermaine 'Huggy' Hopkins

    Jermaine 'Huggy' Hopkins Cast

  12. Photo of Monie Love

    Monie Love Cast

  13. Photo of Yul Vazquez

    Yul Vazquez Cast

  14. Photo of Samuel E. Wright

    Samuel E. Wright Cast

  15. Photo of Jaime Tirelli

    Jaime Tirelli Cast

  16. Photo of Isaiah Washington

    Isaiah Washington Cast

  17. Photo of Paul McCrane

    Paul McCrane Cast

  18. Photo of Edward Lewis

    Edward Lewis Cast

  19. Photo of Craig Wasson

    Craig Wasson Cast

  20. Photo of Dynamite

    Dynamite Cast

  21. Photo of Evan Jermaine Simmons

    Evan Jermaine Simmons Cast

  22. Photo of Yolanda Whittaker

    Yolanda Whittaker Cast

  23. Photo of Mohandas Deweese

    Mohandas Deweese Cast

  24. Photo of William James Stiggers Jr.

    William James Stiggers Jr. Cast

  25. Photo of Chi Ali

    Chi Ali Cast

  26. Photo of Andre G. 'Crazy Drayz' Weston

    Andre G. 'Crazy Drayz' Weston Cast

  27. Photo of Willie Hines

    Willie Hines Cast

  28. Photo of Tonya Pinkins

    Tonya Pinkins Cast

  29. Photo of Angela Jones

    Angela Jones Cast

  30. Photo of Busta Rhymes

    Busta Rhymes Cast

  31. Photo of Raymond Moy

    Raymond Moy Cast

  32. Photo of Xiandia O. Stewart

    Xiandia O. Stewart Cast

  33. Photo of Samaria Graham

    Samaria Graham Cast

  34. Photo of John Alexander Mackay

    John Alexander Mackay Cast

  35. Photo of Kumhee Hong

    Kumhee Hong Cast

  36. Photo of Kool Moe Dee

    Kool Moe Dee Cast

  37. Photo of Sticky Fingaz

    Sticky Fingaz Cast

  38. Photo of Glenn Morgan

    Glenn Morgan Editing

  39. Photo of Howard Cummings

    Howard Cummings Production Design

  40. Photo of Joe Romano

    Joe Romano Music

  41. Photo of Phillip Seretti

    Phillip Seretti Sound