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  1. Photo of Florian Peters

    Florian Peters Director

  2. Photo of Jana Wackrow

    Jana Wackrow Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lennard Adabra

    Lennard Adabra Cast

  4. Photo of Jean-Philippe Adabra

    Jean-Philippe Adabra Cast

  5. Photo of Livia Matthes

    Livia Matthes Cast

  6. Photo of Sami Nasser

    Sami Nasser Cast

  7. Photo of Murat Seven

    Murat Seven Cast

  8. Photo of Philippe Reinhardt

    Philippe Reinhardt Cast

  9. Photo of Resgar Murat

    Resgar Murat Cast

  10. Photo of Axel Hartwig

    Axel Hartwig Cast

  11. Photo of Alexander Milo

    Alexander Milo Cast

  12. Photo of Hendrik Borgmann

    Hendrik Borgmann Cast

  13. Photo of Philip Bender

    Philip Bender Cast

  14. Photo of Halima Ilter

    Halima Ilter Cast

  15. Photo of Marguerita Schumacher

    Marguerita Schumacher Cast

  16. Photo of Sinha Melina Gierke

    Sinha Melina Gierke Cast

  17. Photo of Sadi Gent

    Sadi Gent Cast

  18. Photo of Tarek Ebéné

    Tarek Ebéné Cast

  19. Photo of Kai Schumann

    Kai Schumann Cast

  20. Photo of Dominik Manikowski

    Dominik Manikowski Cinematography

  21. Photo of Felix Schekauski

    Felix Schekauski Editing

  22. Photo of Matthias Wackrow

    Matthias Wackrow Producer and Cast

  23. Photo of Markus Pajtler

    Markus Pajtler Executive Producer