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  1. Photo of Martin Scorsese

    Martin Scorsese Director and Self

  2. Photo of Harvey Keitel

    Harvey Keitel Self

  3. Photo of Jay Cocks

    Jay Cocks Self

  4. Photo of Verna Bloom

    Verna Bloom Self

  5. Photo of William Kunstler

    William Kunstler Self

  6. Photo of Nancy Bennett

    Nancy Bennett Cinematography

  7. Photo of John Butman

    John Butman Cinematography

  8. Photo of Dick Catron

    Dick Catron Cinematography

  9. Photo of Frederick Elmes

    Frederick Elmes Cinematography

  10. Photo of Bill Etra

    Bill Etra Cinematography

  11. Photo of Tom Famighetti

    Tom Famighetti Cinematography

  12. Photo of Peter Flynn

    Peter Flynn Cinematography

  13. Photo of Robert Foresta

    Robert Foresta Cinematography

  14. Photo of David Freeberg

    David Freeberg Cinematography

  15. Photo of Tiger Graham

    Tiger Graham Cinematography

  16. Photo of Fred Hadley

    Fred Hadley Cinematography

  17. Photo of Tony Janetti

    Tony Janetti Cinematography

  18. Photo of Arnold Klein

    Arnold Klein Cinematography

  19. Photo of Don Lenzer

    Don Lenzer Cinematography

  20. Photo of Ron Levitas

    Ron Levitas Cinematography

  21. Photo of Didier Loiseau

    Didier Loiseau Cinematography

  22. Photo of David Ludwig

    David Ludwig Cinematography

  23. Photo of Harry Peck Bolles

    Harry Peck Bolles Cinematography

  24. Photo of Bob Pitts

    Bob Pitts Cinematography

  25. Photo of Laura Primakoff

    Laura Primakoff Cinematography

  26. Photo of Danny Schneider

    Danny Schneider Cinematography

  27. Photo of Gordon Stein

    Gordon Stein Cinematography

  28. Photo of Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone Cinematography

  29. Photo of Bruce Tabor

    Bruce Tabor Cinematography

  30. Photo of Nat Tripp

    Nat Tripp Cinematography

  31. Photo of Stanley Weiser

    Stanley Weiser Cinematography

  32. Photo of Bob Zahn

    Bob Zahn Cinematography

  33. Photo of Angela Kirby

    Angela Kirby Editing

  34. Photo of Maggie Koven

    Maggie Koven Editing

  35. Photo of Gerry Pallor

    Gerry Pallor Editing

  36. Photo of Peter W. Rea

    Peter W. Rea Editing and Cinematography

  37. Photo of Thelma Schoonmaker

    Thelma Schoonmaker Editing

  38. Photo of Larry Tisdall

    Larry Tisdall Editing

  39. Photo of Edward Summer

    Edward Summer Editing, Sound Cinematography