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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Street Smart

    From the Golan-Globus shlock house came this surprising film from Schatzberg that featured two award caliber performances from Kathy Baker and Morgan Freeman. Even with the bland lead role by Christopher Reeve this product of its times hits its marks throughout. Strange jazz score featuring Miles Davies doesn't always jive with the film nor does its strange use of song at times (Aretha Franklin for example).

  2. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Street Smart

    Very strange and unbalanced movie. On one side, we have the bland performance of Christopher Reeve and Mimi Rogers, who, according to the Globus-Golan Cannon band, are the stars of the film, and on the other hand we have Morgan Freeman and Kathy Baker who are simply exceptional in 'Street Smart'. All in all, a good surprise among Jerry Schatzberg's last movies. Recommended.

  3. Chris Stewart's rating of the film Street Smart

    I confess the lead Christopher Reeve should have done better. But Morgan Freeman is at the top of his form. Freeman made a terrifying pimp and is well-deserving of his Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination. I wish he won that year but this film is worth watching because of Freeman and Kathy Baker. You cannot get better villains than Freeman as Fast Black.

  4. Ryan Clark's rating of the film Street Smart

    Considering the subject matter, Street Smart should hit harder than it does. The plot is fascinating, and the leads are wonderful (especially Baker and Freeman), but the scenes with the highest potential for suspense and emotional impact are all botched – except one. The film comes off lightweight because too much time is spent on legal stuff and not enough on the streets. It could do with a remake, I think.