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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    4.5 stars. It's as though Glazer & the band actually managed to go out and film inside the mythic witching hour. Radiohead have traditionally put some of their richest tracks at albums' ends and 'Street Spirit' is no exception. It is very sad & weary yet almost transcendent in its yearning. Like the rest of the world, Glazer's video remains stubbornly indecipherable. Visionary within the modest confines of the form.

  2. runfromfire's rating of the film Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    Not as great as Glazer's later Radiohead collaboration or his iconic collab with Jamiroquai but still a great example of the pre-internet music video.

  3. John's rating of the film Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    One of the greatest music videos of all time for one of the greatest bands of all time.