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  1. Burt's rating of the film Strips

    I guess this is an experimental film... but it's a dumb experiment. It's boring to watch and you only stick around because it's not that long.. but even at 6 minutes it's too long. I'll try to avoid that director's future work. Rating - 0 stars.

  2. arehauffen's rating of the film Strips

  3. kopfkompass's rating of the film Strips

    to me the best thing about this piece is the soundscape. it's interesting which snippets and noises where used to comment the picture.

  4. Thakrij's rating of the film Strips

    It cost me nothing to watch this, other than my time, and I suppose I got what I paid for.

  5. Félix Dufour-Laperrière's rating of the film Strips

    Nom masculin, forme abrégée du mot anglais striptease, composé du verbe «to strip», enlever, déshabiller, et du verbe «to tease», taquiner, provoquer, attiser. Et puis tout cela au pluriel. Un regard ludique sur ce qui, à l'image, est montré et dissimulé, sur l'apparition d'un érostime et sur les idées de présence et d'absence. En cinémascope.

  6. mark300778's rating of the film Strips

    utterly, utterly pointless, A strip film shown in clever.