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  1. Photo of Brian Dannelly

    Brian Dannelly Director

  2. Photo of Chris Colfer

    Chris Colfer Screenplay, Executive Producer Cast

  3. Photo of David Permut

    David Permut Producer

  4. Photo of Roberto Aguire

    Roberto Aguire Producer

  5. Photo of Mia Chang

    Mia Chang Producer

  6. Photo of Tia Nolan

    Tia Nolan Editing

  7. Photo of Bobby Bukowski

    Bobby Bukowski Cinematography

  8. Photo of Linda Burton

    Linda Burton Production Design

  9. Photo of Jason Berman

    Jason Berman Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Glenn Rigberg

    Glenn Rigberg Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Lawrence Kopelkin

    Lawrence Kopelkin Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Allison Janney

    Allison Janney Cast

  13. Photo of Dermot Mulroney

    Dermot Mulroney Cast

  14. Photo of Christina Hendricks

    Christina Hendricks Cast

  15. Photo of Sarah Hyland

    Sarah Hyland Cast

  16. Photo of Rebel Wilson

    Rebel Wilson Cast

  17. Photo of Ashley Rickards

    Ashley Rickards Cast

  18. Photo of Matt Prokop

    Matt Prokop Cast

  19. Photo of Robbie Amell

    Robbie Amell Cast

  20. Photo of Allie Grant

    Allie Grant Cast

  21. Photo of Carter Jenkins

    Carter Jenkins Cast

  22. Photo of Angela Kinsey

    Angela Kinsey Cast

  23. Photo of Polly Bergen

    Polly Bergen Cast

  24. Photo of Scott Bailey

    Scott Bailey Cast

  25. Photo of Charlie Finn

    Charlie Finn Cast

  26. Photo of Graham Rogers

    Graham Rogers Cast

  27. Photo of Jake Monaco

    Jake Monaco Music