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  1. Photo of Lloyd Kaufman

    Lloyd Kaufman Director, Screenplay, Cinematography Producer

  2. Photo of Jeffrey Delman

    Jeffrey Delman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tony Gittelson

    Tony Gittelson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Darren Kloomok

    Darren Kloomok Screenplay and Editing

  5. Photo of Warren Leight

    Warren Leight Screenplay

  6. Photo of Duffy Caesar Magesis

    Duffy Caesar Magesis Screenplay

  7. Photo of Melanie Mintz

    Melanie Mintz Screenplay

  8. Photo of Don Perman

    Don Perman Screenplay

  9. Photo of Stuart Strutin

    Stuart Strutin Screenplay and Producer

  10. Photo of Irwin Corey

    Irwin Corey Cast

  11. Photo of Virginia Penta

    Virginia Penta Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Harris

    Daniel Harris Cast

  13. Photo of Eddie Brill

    Eddie Brill Cast

  14. Photo of John Bigham

    John Bigham Cast

  15. Photo of Patricia Tallman

    Patricia Tallman Cast

  16. Photo of Barry Shapiro

    Barry Shapiro Production Design

  17. Photo of Michael Herz

    Michael Herz Producer, Screenplay Director

  18. Photo of Richard W. Haines

    Richard W. Haines Editing

  19. Photo of Ralph Rosenblum

    Ralph Rosenblum Editing

  20. Photo of John Paratore

    John Paratore Animation