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  1. soymilky's rating of the film Suburbicon

    It's good enough? The tone inconsistencies were so off-putting and jarring at times I felt like I was watching a parody. The story/characters itself felt very Coen Brothers, but the directing itself missed the mark. The civil rights side story didn't really make much sense.

  2. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Pellicola che distrugge il sogno americano degli anni '50, portando a galla tutti i peggiori istinti umani. Molto efficace la guerra del quartiere razzista contro la famiglia di colore, pur apparendo un po' stereotipata. Nel complesso il tutto però sa di già visto e non riesce a sfruttare al 100% i temi trattati.

  3. Jeff Heinzl's rating of the film Suburbicon

    It’s clear, the way the film’s black family exists solely to show the intolerable cruelty of the white cookie-cutter suburbanites. Even then, ‘Suburbicon’ can’t help but gesture towards a few good wasps looking out for their neighbors of color. This is all tangential to a different, weirdly insular film of its own, one with twin Julianne Moores (!) and a mason jar snake that writhes as if full of troubled knowledge.

  4. ΞRIC B∆Ɖ TASTΞ's rating of the film Suburbicon

    good & dark fun crime movie, but the assault against the black family was kinda senseless. and he went playing baseball like nothing happened... Matt should definitely play more roles like that !

  5. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Despite the fact that I saw the first 30 mins twice, I really enjoyed this part and I could see it again. Very weird and super interesting but that all suddenly collapsed when the main plot start revealing itself. Just a scheme with some assurence money, some extortion as well. Pretty lame in the end. Clooney as a director did a good job but he overtried to copy the Coen Brothers. But i think he intented that 5.5/10

  6. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Clooney does a Coen movie, but ties things up a bit too cleanly. The kid actor was fantastic.

  7. bryanvmh's rating of the film Suburbicon

    The plot(s) are like Julianne Moore in this, two is one too many

  8. J. O.'s rating of the film Suburbicon

    Not what was expected. While it was a little bit of a mess that meandered from time to time, the art direction and performances were very entertaining. The racially-charged storyline was shoehorned in there so hard it hurt, and the bends in the "mystery" were predictable. But nevertheless it was entertaining, just non-essential.

  9. Maria Diacu's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Astonishingly disturbing. I honestly cannot remember the last movie which has infuriated me this much, while simultaneously keeping me fully immersed in it

  10. Diderot's rating of the film Suburbicon

    This is a movie that deserves almost none of the overwrought vitriol being thrown at it. Sure, it's not a great movie, but it's inventive and entertaining in ways that most American movies never even try to be.

  11. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film Suburbicon

  12. Imagefix's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Cut rate Coen. The fact that they didn't direct is telling; probably had this sitting at the bottom of a drawer. Poor Oscar Isaac. He seems to be the only one who knows he's in a campy parody. The star is for him.

  13. fearraigh's rating of the film Suburbicon

    The Coen Brothers' script has a fair amount of pep to it but the overly mechanical plot vectors let the film down. The jaunt around 50s stereotypes is also a bit familiar. The subplot, which would make a decent film in its own right, is made to carry too much water for far too light a pay-off. A messy, uneven film.

  14. Matthew's rating of the film Suburbicon

    I guess I've had my fill of Julianne Moore as 1950s suburban housewife.

  15. tgmf's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Absolutely predictable, but i think intentionaly. Brilliant actors play.

  16. Luis Pires's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Nice job with that trailer.

  17. dianadhm's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Always coming back for more of that twisted little Coen universe. Up that with some of Clooney's aesthetics and Hitchcock-ish ambiental music... you can't possibly have such a bad time, give it a break.

  18. mootz15's rating of the film Suburbicon

    occasionally funny in a classic Cohenesque way, but with none of the subtlety and upturned expectations of a vintage Cohens script (which, strictly speaking, this is not). Beyond the slapstick it is nothing but a lazy, moralistic 'critique' of post-war American triumphalism with a tired, hagiographical nod to the civil rights movement.

  19. shupeschool's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Central crime story: 4. Misguided, awkward, tacked-on attempt at racial social commentary: 1.

  20. Audrey's rating of the film Suburbicon

  21. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Having the right performers for each role and created the right looks to fill the background, Clooney nothing could have done in terms of direction or tone to ameliorate the written material, which had already been born defective. (2.5 stars)

  22. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Suburbicon

    This film could have worked as a neo-noir, dark comedy, or social commentary. But, Clooney just can't make any of it work. As a neo-noir, it's surprisingly dull. As a comedy, it seems confused about where the humor should be. As a commentary, it doesn't offer any unique perspectives and the racial subplot has no real payoff. It may have slivers of cleverness, but it's mostly a disappointing misfire.

  23. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Suburbicon

    Matt Damon this time chimes in for his friend Clooney - A script from the Coens' leftover vault on typical small-town grimy shenanigans frankensteined with Serious Historical Racial Subtext... for no discernible purpose, mixing in these two nerve centers like water and olive oil. A very, very awkward film that is only saved by the dark Coenish murder mystery and Oscar Isaac. Oscar Isaac is great.

  24. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Suburbicon

    The director show you how to turn good stuffs into a real mess. Tottally mess!

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