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  1. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

  2. Erik F.'s rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

    Gets really dumb toward the end, but parts of it are so funny and Adrienne Shelly is so adorable that it's hard for me to give it fewer than 3 stars. :)

  3. Nathan Goldman's rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

    "I'm just trying to help you escape your fate." "And what is my fate?" "Horrible torture and then death. But, of course, that is just about everyone's fate."

  4. lacame's rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

    Strambo, confuso e tenero. Non conoscevo questa regista/scrittrice/attrice e adesso mi ritrovo a voler vedere tutti i suoi film. Sudden Manhattan è un film cosparso di mille chicche: l'omelette che emette un noioso brusio; Adam che legge ad alta voce i classici della letteratura russa a letto con Donna; la scena a casa di Donna con l'amica, i due amanti, l'innamorato a senso unico e il sedicente fidanzato stalker..

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

    Shelly one of the indie actress darlings of the early 90's made her directorial debut with this flawed, static and forcibly madcap entry. Pretty much an example of indie whimsy gone astray. Shelly's directorial work would improve culminating in the wonderful film 'Waitress' before her untimely demise. Adrienne you are missed.

  6. Majkinja's rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

    I very strange mix between Woody Allen-ish comedy and thriller. It's quirky without getting too annoying. Adrienne Shelly gives Donna a dimensional personality, when you think you have understood what type she is Donna reveals something new about her character. It's not easy to guess what the direction the film is heading.

  7. M****'s rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

    Quirky but in the good way.

  8. ocWavean's rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

    It's hard to like a film that grazes along self-absorbing, self-obsessing all the while rummaging in their sanity, life, relationships (or lack thereof), torture, death, and apparent nothingness. Sudden Manhattan falls apart at times, and when it does manage to pick itself backup, it shouts with a whisper -- though never enough to cause a headache. Do not expect much... Is that the point of this film? Hm

  9. Alexis's rating of the film Sudden Manhattan

    Thank you mubi for making it available!