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  1. Photo of Johan Brisinger

    Johan Brisinger Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Mikael Bengtsson

    Mikael Bengtsson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Nyqvist

    Michael Nyqvist Cast

  4. Photo of Anastasios Soulis

    Anastasios Soulis Cast

  5. Photo of Moa Gammel

    Moa Gammel Cast

  6. Photo of Catherine Hansson

    Catherine Hansson Cast

  7. Photo of Philip Zandén

    Philip Zandén Cast

  8. Photo of Sten Ljunggren

    Sten Ljunggren Cast

  9. Photo of Anita Wall

    Anita Wall Cast

  10. Photo of Carl Ljunggren

    Carl Ljunggren Cast

  11. Photo of Teresia Björk

    Teresia Björk Cast

  12. Photo of Stig Engström

    Stig Engström Cast

  13. Photo of Steohan Walfridsson

    Steohan Walfridsson Editing

  14. Photo of Gunnar Carlsson

    Gunnar Carlsson Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Tomas Eskilsson

    Tomas Eskilsson Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Mikael Flodell

    Mikael Flodell Producer

  17. Photo of Henrik Lörstad

    Henrik Lörstad Music

  18. Photo of Henrik Stenberg

    Henrik Stenberg Cinematography

  19. Photo of Anna Paulson

    Anna Paulson Production Design