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  1. Photo of John Palmer

    John Palmer Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jennifer Jonas

    Jennifer Jonas Executive Producer

  3. Photo of John Buchan

    John Buchan Producer

  4. Photo of Damion Nurse

    Damion Nurse Producer

  5. Photo of Todd Klinck

    Todd Klinck Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jaie Laplante

    Jaie Laplante Screenplay

  7. Photo of Bruce LaBruce

    Bruce LaBruce Screenplay

  8. Photo of John Westheuser

    John Westheuser Cinematography

  9. Photo of Andre Noble

    Andre Noble Cast

  10. Photo of Brendan Fehr

    Brendan Fehr Cast

  11. Photo of Haylee Wanstall

    Haylee Wanstall Cast

  12. Photo of Sarah Polley

    Sarah Polley Cast

  13. Photo of Maury Chaykin

    Maury Chaykin Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Riley

    Michael Riley Cast

  15. Photo of Marnie McPhail

    Marnie McPhail Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Kennedy

    Robert Kennedy Editing

  17. Photo of Ravi Persaud

    Ravi Persaud Music