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  1. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    My initial feeling about the film itself is bafflement. Beautiful buildings, of course. I've seen several of them in person, and they are much more than this film manages to convey. The buildings are conceptually/cosmologically so much more interesting than the conceptual tropes of the filmmaker "doing theory".

  2. Richard Bolisay's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    What it communicates is not emotion, not happiness or sadness, but the lived space, the occupied space, the time in that space when it was shot, the time that has gone by and the sounds and silences in it.

  3. mrpommer's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    I have no problem with long, lingering shots of details on these buildings, but I found the Batman-esque camera angles self-indulgent and irritating in the extreme. Having visited many of these buildings, I was looking forward to seeing them anew, but these films (including the Goff & Maillart) told me nothing interesting about either the works or the architect – only about the self-absorbed director.

  4. darioscha's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Contemplación de edificios, registro sin huella ni poesía. Sin interés visual, sin cinematografia.

  5. schmalhans's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    For the most part, Emigholz finds a great way of capturing the fine line between Sullivan's gigantism and his love for detail. Though, the intentional crookedness in his frames leaves an overly conceptual aftertaste, since it denies the buildings their (capitalistic) grandeur. I find it a little too blunt of an intervention against such a Randian worldview. History took care of that already.

  6. lou.'s rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    I do love architecture. I really do, but. I fear I'm missing the point, here. I'd probably preferred a comprehensive monographic, beautifully printed work.

  7. James Green's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Dutch angles + zero context = good idea squandered.

  8. David R Williams's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Extra star for the beauty of the architecture but I found this a bit of a slog really. Some imaginative camera set ups but then overly repeated till they lose their impact. Strangely flat. It just failed to engage and I love architectural porn.

  9. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    While a good idea to show the works of architectural designers chronologically and there are some beautiful shots to behold it is also a film that can only be loved by those who are has the special interest to watch this architect's works and has not the chance to go there. It becomes too tedious for anyone else sadly.

  10. film enjoying human's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

  11. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Not really one for cinephiles, this is a display of architecture for those who will appreciate the buildings.

  12. Elise's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Similar to Emingholz other architecture-focused film, this one is extremely queer. Again, the film is made of a series of short shots taken at various angles in various locations. The locations are identified, and in this film they all happen to be beautifully built banks. In each film, Emingholz is sure to pay close attention to not only the aesthetic aspects of the buildings, but the constructive aspects as well.

  13. Superfrog's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Watching paint dry has an edge over this

  14. MarkCassidy's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Terrible documentary. For some unknown reason virtually every shot in this film is at a cockeyed angle as if the buildings were villains on the 60s Batman tv show. If that weren’t irritating enough, most of them are incredibly amateurishly framed. Half the time it seems like Emigholz randomly pointed the camera. Two things come through in this documentary - Sullivan’s talent and Emigholz lack of it.

  15. Richard Tines's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    3 1/2 *'s....a natural soundtracked meditation on one mans style of composition of those most phariseeic of places, banks..i've never really thought about architecture much, sure i like the sydney opera house and well designed buildings (even modern banks, which all seem to, when they build new buildings, try to make it look neo as heck)...all in all a nice little short...

  16. MichaelEYeaman's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Never knew Sullivan did such great work away from Chicago. The 1995 shots of these buildings makes one want to tear down all the junk structures around them and leave them as free-standing architecture shrines

  17. roxanemaas's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    J'ai beaucoup aimé son film sur les ponts, celui-ci, plus long me touche moins et je me suis ennuyée, dommage..

  18. Fab S's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    + Brilliant way to introduce an architect to an audience. The movie compiles angles, sounds and point of views to show the building's interactions with its surroundings. - Absolutely soporific if seen in the wrong conditions. Need for an introduction about the director's approch (in MUBI Notebook)

  19. bulletproof isobel's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

  20. Juan Javier's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Porque siempre con la misma luz? Porque no bajo la lluvia, por ejemplo?

  21. ejonline's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    This did not work for me and I did not make it through. I believe the use of the static movie camera, as opposed to still shots, is intended to help us to see the buildings as existing where life is continuing. That was somewhat interesting. However, in the cases that I saw, the multiple shots of each location didn't give me added insight. For me, nothing accrued, nor did I give myself over to a zen-like quietude.

  22. adamjaymorris's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    There's no voiceover, but an attitude of Germanic cultural superiority comes across clearly in the way the camera positions itself as observer of economic and aesthetic decadence in the American heartland.

  23. Adam GR's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    Architecture as character. You suddenly realize these buildings have housed civilizations. Linked to history, but nothing is timeless, right? Canted angles illuminate architecture exists in a different perspective than humans. Incidentally, humans meander about like elusive worker ants. I feel like I'm watching Homicide: Life on the Street or Tanner '88 with no characters. American Midwest rep

  24. captainfez's rating of the film Sullivan's Banks

    If mine looked like these I probably wouldn't mind the endless waiting.

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