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  1. Photo of Carla Simón

    Carla Simón Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Laia Artigas

    Laia Artigas Cast

  3. Photo of Paula Robles

    Paula Robles Cast

  4. Photo of Bruna Cusí

    Bruna Cusí Cast

  5. Photo of David Verdaguer

    David Verdaguer Cast

  6. Photo of Fermí Reixach

    Fermí Reixach Cast

  7. Photo of Santiago Racaj

    Santiago Racaj Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ernest Pipo

    Ernest Pipo Music

  9. Photo of Pau Boïgues

    Pau Boïgues Music

  10. Photo of Mireia Graell

    Mireia Graell Production Design

  11. Photo of Valérie Delpierre

    Valérie Delpierre Executive Producer and Producer

  12. Photo of María Zamora

    María Zamora Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Didac Palou

    Didac Palou Editing

  14. Photo of Ana Pfaff

    Ana Pfaff Editing

  15. Photo of Eva Valiño

    Eva Valiño Sound

  16. Photo of Ana Aguila

    Ana Aguila Costume Design