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  1. Photo of Peter Stein

    Peter Stein Director

  2. Photo of Regina Ziegler

    Regina Ziegler Producer

  3. Photo of Botho Strauß

    Botho Strauß Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maxim Gorky

    Maxim Gorky Screenplay

  5. Photo of Michael Ballhaus

    Michael Ballhaus Cinematography

  6. Photo of Siegrun Jäger

    Siegrun Jäger Editing

  7. Photo of Peter Fischer

    Peter Fischer Music

  8. Photo of Gunther Kortwich

    Gunther Kortwich Sound

  9. Photo of Wolf Redl

    Wolf Redl Cast

  10. Photo of Edith Clever

    Edith Clever Cast

  11. Photo of Ilse Ritter

    Ilse Ritter Cast

  12. Photo of Michael König

    Michael König Cast

  13. Photo of Jutta Lampe

    Jutta Lampe Cast

  14. Photo of Bruno Ganz

    Bruno Ganz Cast

  15. Photo of Otto Sander

    Otto Sander Cast

  16. Photo of Elke Petri

    Elke Petri Cast

  17. Photo of Werner Rehm

    Werner Rehm Cast

  18. Photo of Sabine Andreas

    Sabine Andreas Cast

  19. Photo of Rüdiger Hacker

    Rüdiger Hacker Cast

  20. Photo of Günter Lampe

    Günter Lampe Cast

  21. Photo of Gerd Wameling

    Gerd Wameling Cast

  22. Photo of Otto Mächtlinger

    Otto Mächtlinger Cast

  23. Photo of Eberhard Feik

    Eberhard Feik Cast

  24. Photo of Katharina Tüschen

    Katharina Tüschen Cast