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  1. Eeeeeva's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Masterful and intimate. Accurately zeroes in on a young woman's experience of true passion and the broken heart that remains for ages after, while also tapping into the broken heart of the generation that protested at Tiananmen.

  2. Timmy93's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Youth, love and the disillusion that came after. Passionate and unforgettable.

  3. Pantso-for-the-win's rating of the film Summer Palace

    uneven, pompous and in the end something doesn't add up with the development of the characters. 6/10 for the rather vivid depiction of a lost era and for the on the edge performance of the antiheroin.

  4. Monica_'s rating of the film Summer Palace

    Reality is too heavy, she can only soar in her illusory dreams. She sleeps with men who are nice to her(except for Zhou Wei) as a way to show her kindness(and cruelty). Hell of a way to tell a coming of age(is it?) story!

  5. innersmiff's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Sits right in the heart and doesn't let go. Passionate, erotic and painful.

  6. joycexjdu's rating of the film Summer Palace

    This film feeds off the provocative, sexually and politically, leaving a sour hollowness that likely echoes Yu Hong's own internal state after each of her impassioned encounters - unresolved and, ultimately, deeply unsatisfied.

  7. Simone's rating of the film Summer Palace

    I was intrigued by the focus on a female protagonist, but I quickly became disappointed. Yu has no aspirations aside from romance. The characters don't have clear motivations for their actions. Student organizing is a superficial backdrop to romance. And did showing nudity really add something? Though it has some redeeming qualities, the film's narrative and aesthetic choices just didn't hold together for me.

  8. IKB 191's rating of the film Summer Palace

    I just love very passionate characters like Yu Hong and I can't help it.

  9. Jadis's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Cheap and anti-feminist. A very shallow representation of female sexuality(and sexuality in general) which glosses over the complexities of such an intense political moment in history. The cinematography could have borne much potential had it been motivated by a compelling and thoughtful plot. Throughly disappointing.

  10. cesar villanueva's rating of the film Summer Palace

    An engaging romance drama about the complicated voyage of love and affection in the mist of political out lash linked with protests of Tiananmen Square in 1989. Great acting from complimenting cast, marvelous score, lasting impression on what it means to be loved. More of a character study on bonds than anything! Capitalizes on the highs and lows of relationships(loneliness, affairs, marriage, distance). Great watch!

  11. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Summer Palace

    I may not have loved the first film I saw from Lou Ye but this makes up for it. It's about the wayward path that we take as we move from our teenage years to adulthood, how the world seems out of focus until events sharpen things to a pinhead, the mistakes along the way, and those people/feelings that keep drawing you back, even as you realise that they're not necessarily going to be good for you in the long term.

  12. mpho3's rating of the film Summer Palace

    "An uncompromising account of lives that have been fleetingly lived to their fullest but ultimately lost to the state’s rewriting of modern history, Summer Palace is an exhilarating and deeply haunting experience." - John Berra,

  13. Mimic Hootings's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Dull, soapy melodrama. The central character acts in ways that suggest mental health problems, but the director doesn't want to acknowledge this; for him, it's just some vague sort of Suffering. Other characters are mere blanks. Made watchable by fine use of hand-held camera and interesting editing style.

  14. Martin Lukanov's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Such a beautiful, yet sometimes unsettling, movie about love. Much better than Ye's previous movie, Purple Butterfly, as apart from incredibly well-shot, it is also very interesting and thought-provoking. The story of the movie and especially the theme of everlasting dramatic love and difficulty for finding peace and happiness resonated with me. Also, the ending felt very close to my heart. Great movie!

  15. BenWWK's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Terrible, terrible, turgid film about miserable fuckers, fucking miserably

  16. Yang's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Explores both the repercussions of the 1989 events and of personal melancholy in a beautiful way. The theme of personal lost, betrayal and reminiscence runs parallel to the notions of disillusionment, lost trust and painful memories caused by the Tiananmen events.

  17. I.Camera's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Baiting Chinese censors with full frontal nudity and a depiction of the incident-that-must-not-be-named, this 6th generation film is a moving story of relationships torn apart by competing emotions and political exile. Perhaps too long, and perhaps too reliant on a Wong Kar-Wai style it can't quite emulate, this film nevertheless has a passion and authenticity missing in so much of contemporary Chinese cinema.

  18. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Summer Palace

    A sensory experience -- an IMAX film if told by students - unlike most coming-of-age films I've seen. It reminded me of Lars Von Trier's Melancholia, with contrasting scenes of scarred people and the use of classical music. The whirring motion underscored the internal chaos and emotional upheaval of young adults attempting to come to grips (mainly unsuccessfully) with their identities and sense of self-worth.

  19. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film Summer Palace

    True lovers want love to destroy them. And then they want their lover to save them. They wish to be destroyed by love so that they can be saved. And if their lover doesn’t save them, they wish to be destroyed even more, Coz there’s no point in living. Lovers never meeting each other again is tragic. Lovers meeting each other again only when it’s too late is more so.

  20. John Grenham's rating of the film Summer Palace

    A decent French film, but made in China. Why?

  21. Nicki Duval's rating of the film Summer Palace

    This was really not what I expected, and I was overwhelmed both by how gorgeous and how bizarrely paced this film is. It moves at a breakneck pace sometimes, collapsing key events into montages, and other times lingers for what feels like forever. This gets tiresome. Once I got over the film's erraticism and gave in to its achingly sad evocation of time and romantic emptiness, however, I got a lot more out of it.

  22. ionosonde's rating of the film Summer Palace

    made my head hurt, made my heart hurt. beautiful camerawork that floats through every scene like a dream.

  23. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Summer Palace

    Oy. The follies of youth. The film isn't horrible, but it tries to cram too much in what could be a poignant story of love lost and lost again. Not sure if the interlude of the Tienanmen Square protests adds much if anything to the film; I think it rather detracts from it, and invites unfavorable comparisons to "The Unbearable Lightness of Being." I also winced at the "where are they now" updates at the end.

  24. G.'s rating of the film Summer Palace

    Very nearly captures the lame, contrived impotence of Beijing youth culture circa always.

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