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  1. Photo of Carlos Diegues

    Carlos Diegues Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luiz Fernando Goulart

    Luiz Fernando Goulart Executive Producer

  3. Photo of José Medeiros

    José Medeiros Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jofre Soares

    Jofre Soares Cast

  5. Photo of Míriam Pires

    Míriam Pires Cast

  6. Photo of Roberto Bonfim

    Roberto Bonfim Cast

  7. Photo of Paulo César Peréio

    Paulo César Peréio Cast

  8. Photo of Daniel Filho

    Daniel Filho Cast

  9. Photo of Marieta Severo

    Marieta Severo Cast

  10. Photo of Rodolfo Arena

    Rodolfo Arena Cast

  11. Photo of Sady Cabral

    Sady Cabral Cast

  12. Photo of Lourdes Mayer

    Lourdes Mayer Cast

  13. Photo of Gracinda Freire

    Gracinda Freire Cast

  14. Photo of Cristina Aché

    Cristina Aché Cast

  15. Photo of Luis Antonio

    Luis Antonio Cast

  16. Photo of Regina Casé

    Regina Casé Cast

  17. Photo of Emmanuel Cavalcanti

    Emmanuel Cavalcanti Cast

  18. Photo of Jorge Coutinho

    Jorge Coutinho Cast

  19. Photo of Carlos Gregório

    Carlos Gregório Cast

  20. Photo of Procópio Mariano

    Procópio Mariano Cast

  21. Photo of Zaira Zambelli

    Zaira Zambelli Cast

  22. Photo of Mair Tavares

    Mair Tavares Editing

  23. Photo of Paulinho da Viola

    Paulinho da Viola Music