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  1. Photo of Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi

    Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Sam X. Abarbanel

    Sam X. Abarbanel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Brian Degas

    Brian Degas Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lluís Josep Comerón

    Lluís Josep Comerón Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jorge Illa

    Jorge Illa Screenplay

  6. Photo of Karl Malden

    Karl Malden Cast

  7. Photo of Olivia Hussey

    Olivia Hussey Cast

  8. Photo of Christopher Mitchum

    Christopher Mitchum Cast

  9. Photo of Raf Vallone

    Raf Vallone Cast

  10. Photo of Claudine Auger

    Claudine Auger Cast

  11. Photo of Gérard Barray

    Gérard Barray Cast

  12. Photo of Gérard Tichy

    Gérard Tichy Cast

  13. Photo of Ricardo Valle

    Ricardo Valle Cast

  14. Photo of Gustavo Re

    Gustavo Re Cast

  15. Photo of Miguel de la Riva

    Miguel de la Riva Cast

  16. Photo of Umberto Raho

    Umberto Raho Cast

  17. Photo of José Nieto

    José Nieto Cast

  18. Photo of Juan Gelpí

    Juan Gelpí Cinematography

  19. Photo of Sergio Bardotti

    Sergio Bardotti Music

  20. Photo of Juan Alberto Soler

    Juan Alberto Soler Production Design

  21. Photo of Ramón Quadreny

    Ramón Quadreny Editing

  22. Photo of Emilio Rodríguez

    Emilio Rodríguez Editing