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  1. Photo of Jonathan Demme

    Jonathan Demme Director

  2. Photo of Hart Perry

    Hart Perry Director

  3. Photo of Kevin Godley

    Kevin Godley Director

  4. Photo of Lol Creme

    Lol Creme Director

  5. Photo of Steven Van Zandt

    Steven Van Zandt Cast

  6. Photo of Bruce Springsteen

    Bruce Springsteen Cast

  7. Photo of Miles Davis

    Miles Davis Cast

  8. Photo of Kool DJ Herc

    Kool DJ Herc Cast

  9. Photo of Grandmaster Melle Mel

    Grandmaster Melle Mel Cast

  10. Photo of The Fat Boys

    The Fat Boys Cast

  11. Photo of Rubén Blades

    Rubén Blades Cast

  12. Photo of Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan Cast

  13. Photo of Herbie Hancock

    Herbie Hancock Cast

  14. Photo of Ringo Starr

    Ringo Starr Cast

  15. Photo of Zak Starkey

    Zak Starkey Cast

  16. Photo of Lou Reed

    Lou Reed Cast

  17. Photo of Run DMC

    Run DMC Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Gabriel

    Peter Gabriel Cast

  19. Photo of David Ruffin

    David Ruffin Cast

  20. Photo of Eddie Kendricks

    Eddie Kendricks Cast

  21. Photo of Darlene Love

    Darlene Love Cast

  22. Photo of Bobby Womack

    Bobby Womack Cast

  23. Photo of Afrika Bambaataa

    Afrika Bambaataa Cast

  24. Photo of Kurtis Blow

    Kurtis Blow Cast

  25. Photo of Jackson Browne

    Jackson Browne Cast

  26. Photo of Daryl Hannah

    Daryl Hannah Cast

  27. Photo of U2

    U2 Cast

  28. Photo of George Clinton

    George Clinton Cast

  29. Photo of Keith Richards

    Keith Richards Cast

  30. Photo of Ronnie Wood

    Ronnie Wood Cast

  31. Photo of Peter Wolf

    Peter Wolf Cast

  32. Photo of Bonnie Raitt

    Bonnie Raitt Cast

  33. Photo of Daryl Hall

    Daryl Hall Cast

  34. Photo of John Oates

    John Oates Cast

  35. Photo of Jimmy Cliff

    Jimmy Cliff Cast

  36. Photo of Big Youth

    Big Youth Cast

  37. Photo of Michael Monroe

    Michael Monroe Cast

  38. Photo of Peter Garrett

    Peter Garrett Cast

  39. Photo of Ron Carter

    Ron Carter Cast

  40. Photo of Ray Baretto

    Ray Baretto Cast

  41. Photo of Gil Scott-Heron

    Gil Scott-Heron Cast

  42. Photo of Nona Hendryx

    Nona Hendryx Cast

  43. Photo of Pete Townshend

    Pete Townshend Cast

  44. Photo of Pat Benatar

    Pat Benatar Cast

  45. Photo of Clarence Clemons

    Clarence Clemons Cast

  46. Photo of Joey Ramone

    Joey Ramone Cast