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  1. Photo of Ulrike Germer

    Ulrike Germer Cast

  2. Photo of Günther Simon

    Günther Simon Cast

  3. Photo of Erwin Geschonneck

    Erwin Geschonneck Cast

  4. Photo of Manja Behrens

    Manja Behrens Cast

  5. Photo of Viktor Avdyushko

    Viktor Avdyushko Cast

  6. Photo of Willi Schrade

    Willi Schrade Cast

  7. Photo of Wladimir Jemljanow

    Wladimir Jemljanow Cast

  8. Photo of Erich Franz

    Erich Franz Cast

  9. Photo of Norbert Christian

    Norbert Christian Cast

  10. Photo of A. Kraus

    A. Kraus Cast

  11. Photo of A. Zahn

    A. Zahn Cast

  12. Photo of Konrad Wolf

    Konrad Wolf Director

  13. Photo of Karl-Georg Egel

    Karl-Georg Egel Screenplay

  14. Photo of Paul Wiens

    Paul Wiens Screenplay

  15. Photo of Joachim Werzlau

    Joachim Werzlau Music

  16. Photo of Werner Bergmann

    Werner Bergmann Cinematography

  17. Photo of Christa Wernicke

    Christa Wernicke Editing

  18. Photo of Karl Schneider

    Karl Schneider Production Design