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  1. Photo of Richard C. Sarafian

    Richard C. Sarafian Director

  2. Photo of James Booth

    James Booth Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Daly

    John Daly Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Stephen Oliver

    Stephen Oliver Screenplay

  5. Photo of Stanley Ellin

    Stanley Ellin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Farrah Fawcett

    Farrah Fawcett Cast

  7. Photo of Charles Grodin

    Charles Grodin Cast

  8. Photo of Art Carney

    Art Carney Cast

  9. Photo of Joan Collins

    Joan Collins Cast

  10. Photo of William Daniels

    William Daniels Cast

  11. Photo of John Hillerman

    John Hillerman Cast

  12. Photo of Eleanor Parker

    Eleanor Parker Cast

  13. Photo of Keenan Wynn

    Keenan Wynn Cast

  14. Photo of Robin Clarke

    Robin Clarke Cast

  15. Photo of Joan Goodfellow

    Joan Goodfellow Cast

  16. Photo of Jack Kruschen

    Jack Kruschen Cast

  17. Photo of Alejandro Rey

    Alejandro Rey Cast

  18. Photo of Jorge Luke

    Jorge Luke Cast

  19. Photo of Seymour Cassel

    Seymour Cassel Cast

  20. Photo of Joanna Rush

    Joanna Rush Cast

  21. Photo of Álex Phillips Jr.

    Álex Phillips Jr. Cinematography

  22. Photo of John Cameron

    John Cameron Music

  23. Photo of Ted Tester

    Ted Tester Production Design

  24. Photo of Gerald Green

    Gerald Green Producer

  25. Photo of David Korda

    David Korda Producer

  26. Photo of Philip A. Waxman

    Philip A. Waxman Producer

  27. Photo of Jay Bernstein

    Jay Bernstein Executive Producer

  28. Photo of John Quested

    John Quested Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Geoffrey Foot

    Geoffrey Foot Editing