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  1. Photo of Lucian Pintilie

    Lucian Pintilie Director

  2. Photo of Ion Mihăileanu

    Ion Mihăileanu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Graziela Albini

    Graziela Albini Cast

  4. Photo of Eugenia Bosânceanu

    Eugenia Bosânceanu Cast

  5. Photo of Constantin Cojocaru

    Constantin Cojocaru Cast

  6. Photo of Costel Constantinescu

    Costel Constantinescu Cast

  7. Photo of Marcel Gingulescu

    Marcel Gingulescu Cast

  8. Photo of Dan Nutu

    Dan Nutu Cast

  9. Photo of Irina Petrescu

    Irina Petrescu Cast

  10. Photo of Catalina Pintilie

    Catalina Pintilie Cast

  11. Photo of Eugenia Popovici

    Eugenia Popovici Cast

  12. Photo of Sergiu Huzum

    Sergiu Huzum Cinematography

  13. Photo of Radu Caplescu

    Radu Caplescu Music

  14. Photo of Aureliu Ionescu

    Aureliu Ionescu Production Design