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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Sunday in August

    Vision kaléidoscopique d'une Italie post Seconde Guerre mondiale sous l'égide d'un néo-réalisme bon enfant, quelque peu apaisé et complice bienveillant de ses protagonistes, pour un premier long métrage d'un réalisateur qui s'était distingué auparavant par quelques splendides courts sur l'art et la peinture...

  2. Cashew's rating of the film Sunday in August

    Saw this yesterday. Rose-tinted, & not all that challenging, but a happy, fun flick. Weirdly, it doesn't feel very italian to me - the comedic timing felt more anglo-saxon than italian. Doesn't seem to be all that well regarded by italian critics. Whatever, I thought it was a blast, I just wish the "dialect" (yeah, I know, it wasn't real dialect, just cinecitta roman) had been translated less prudishly into english.