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  1. Photo of Carolyne Goyette

    Carolyne Goyette Producer

  2. Photo of Pierre-Vincent Jean-Sénéchal

    Pierre-Vincent Jean-Sénéchal Cast

  3. Photo of Loralie Beaupré-Brien

    Loralie Beaupré-Brien Cast

  4. Photo of Mélodie Michaud

    Mélodie Michaud Cast

  5. Photo of Mathieu Castonguay

    Mathieu Castonguay Cast

  6. Photo of Rodrigo Hernan

    Rodrigo Hernan Cast

  7. Photo of Zuluaga Lopez

    Zuluaga Lopez Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Guillaume Bastien

    Jean-Guillaume Bastien Screenplay, Director, Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Vincent Biron

    Vincent Biron Cinematography

  10. Photo of Alexandre Leblanc

    Alexandre Leblanc Editing

  11. Photo of Robin Servant

    Robin Servant Sound

  12. Photo of Thiery Bourgault-d'Amico

    Thiery Bourgault-d'Amico Sound

  13. Photo of Joelle Peloquin

    Joelle Peloquin Production Design