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  1. Photo of Nae Caranfil

    Nae Caranfil Director, Screenplay Music

  2. Photo of Nathalie Bonnifay

    Nathalie Bonnifay Cast

  3. Photo of George Alexandru

    George Alexandru Cast

  4. Photo of Marius Stanescu

    Marius Stanescu Cast

  5. Photo of Valentin Teodosiu

    Valentin Teodosiu Cast

  6. Photo of Florin Calinescu

    Florin Calinescu Cast

  7. Photo of Liviu Topuzu

    Liviu Topuzu Cast

  8. Photo of Marius Florea Vizante

    Marius Florea Vizante Cast

  9. Photo of Marcela Motoc

    Marcela Motoc Cast

  10. Photo of Camelia Zorlescu

    Camelia Zorlescu Cast

  11. Photo of Cristian Comeaga

    Cristian Comeaga Cinematography

  12. Photo of Anton Suteu

    Anton Suteu Music

  13. Photo of Gloria Papura

    Gloria Papura Production Design

  14. Photo of Jean-Martial Lefranc

    Jean-Martial Lefranc Producer

  15. Photo of Titi Popescu

    Titi Popescu Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Victoria Nae

    Victoria Nae Editing

  17. Photo of Anusavan Salamanian

    Anusavan Salamanian Sound