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  1. Korial's rating of the film Sunflower

    The drama of a couple and of a country torn apart by the WWII. De Sica's sharp 'eye' is there and Loren and Mastroianni's greatness is enhanced by Guerra's solid and dynamic writing. Characters evolve coherently and naturally and the story sink deep into their motivations and their scars. By masters' hands and hearts, only precious gems. (PS. you will cry)

  2. Ethan's rating of the film Sunflower

    This was a solid film that featured some good performances from the always amazing duo of Loren and Mastroianni.

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Sunflower

  4. Emil Kurjak's rating of the film Sunflower

  5. ShaVa's rating of the film Sunflower

    "If you haven't cried, your eyes can't be beautiful" SL

  6. Inconnue's rating of the film Sunflower

  7. CafeGradiva's rating of the film Sunflower

  8. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Sunflower

    Ridiculous score that completely missed what few great things this film had. MUBI, it's one thing for some of the provincial idiots at the academy to praise it (I've eaten lunch several times with a voting member and heard their thoughts as they went through that year's entires), but you all should know better. Nino Rota vanished from history? You have amnesia for scores? Worst "Our Take" I've seen, by far.

  9. Steven Cohen's rating of the film Sunflower

    Vittorio De Sica's Sunflower is an interesting look at the power of a love that never really got the chance to bloom. The film covers a wide stretch of time, and Sophia Loren is especially excellent in her portrayal of how that passage affects her.

  10. ZOLLO's rating of the film Sunflower

  11. msmichel's rating of the film Sunflower

    Over baked melodrama that never really gets off the ground. Sophia Loren is wasted here in a matronly role but its the script that really sinks this one. The first third is promising but really sinks after the Russian reveal. A disappointment after the neo-realist films and the sixties comedies.

  12. Brenda Clews's rating of the film Sunflower

    I know this story, perhaps not in its war-time incarnation, but intimately. It is an honest portrayal, and the acting is incredible.

  13. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Sunflower

    In this absolutely heartbreaking film, Vittorio De Sica captures a rare intimacy that is often lost in modern war dramas, anchored by the powerful performances by Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni!

  14. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Sunflower

    This personal story of war lacked poignancy, failing to make an emotional impact. I failed to see the much hyped Loren/ Mastroianni chemistry.

  15. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Sunflower

    Sophia Loren stars as a strong willed Italian woman who sets out to find her husband after he goes MIA on the Russian front in WWII. Vittorio De Sica demonstrates his considerable versatility in this tragic and deeply emotional melodrama that is a big departure from both his Neorealist roots and his comedies of the 1960s.