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  1. Photo of Georgios Papaioannou

    Georgios Papaioannou Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alexandros Stogiannis

    Alexandros Stogiannis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Spyros Papanaoum

    Spyros Papanaoum Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mitsos Papavasileiou

    Mitsos Papavasileiou Screenplay

  5. Photo of Argyris Pougouras

    Argyris Pougouras Screenplay

  6. Photo of Charalampos Papapostolou

    Charalampos Papapostolou Screenplay

  7. Photo of Dimitrios Vainas

    Dimitrios Vainas Cast and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Paris Papadopoulos

    Paris Papadopoulos Cast

  9. Photo of Olga Sfetsa

    Olga Sfetsa Cast

  10. Photo of Tasos Masias

    Tasos Masias Cast