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  1. Photo of Anna Penido

    Anna Penido Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lael Rodrigues

    Lael Rodrigues Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Diler Trindade

    Diler Trindade Producer

  4. Photo of Antônio Calmon

    Antônio Calmon Screenplay

  5. Photo of David Sonnenschein

    David Sonnenschein Screenplay and Director

  6. Photo of Nonato Estrela

    Nonato Estrela Cinematography

  7. Photo of Xuxa Meneghel

    Xuxa Meneghel Cast

  8. Photo of Guilherme Karan

    Guilherme Karan Cast

  9. Photo of Roberto Guimarães

    Roberto Guimarães Cast

  10. Photo of Paolo Pacelli

    Paolo Pacelli Cast

  11. Photo of Jonas Torres

    Jonas Torres Cast

  12. Photo of Kátia Moraes

    Kátia Moraes Cast

  13. Photo of Nair Amorim

    Nair Amorim Cast

  14. Photo of Henriqueta Brieba

    Henriqueta Brieba Cast

  15. Photo of Tuca Andrada

    Tuca Andrada Cast

  16. Photo of Luis Carlos Tourinho

    Luis Carlos Tourinho Cast

  17. Photo of Carlos Cox

    Carlos Cox Editing

  18. Photo of Vera Freire

    Vera Freire Editing

  19. Photo of Paulo Massadas

    Paulo Massadas Music

  20. Photo of Michael Sullivan

    Michael Sullivan Music