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  1. Photo of B. Gupta

    B. Gupta Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Sunil Priyadarshi

    Sunil Priyadarshi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Naseem Saharanpuri

    Naseem Saharanpuri Screenplay

  4. Photo of S.K.S. Sharma

    S.K.S. Sharma Screenplay

  5. Photo of Urmila Bhatt

    Urmila Bhatt Cast

  6. Photo of Birbal

    Birbal Cast

  7. Photo of Bob Christo

    Bob Christo Cast

  8. Photo of Dharmendra

    Dharmendra Cast

  9. Photo of Preeti Ganguli

    Preeti Ganguli Cast

  10. Photo of Rajan Haksar

    Rajan Haksar Cast

  11. Photo of Dinesh Hingoo

    Dinesh Hingoo Cast

  12. Photo of Puneet Issar

    Puneet Issar Cast

  13. Photo of Jagdeep

    Jagdeep Cast

  14. Photo of Jankidas

    Jankidas Cast

  15. Photo of Shakti Kapoor

    Shakti Kapoor Cast

  16. Photo of Ranjeeta Kaur

    Ranjeeta Kaur Cast

  17. Photo of Ashok Kumar

    Ashok Kumar Cast

  18. Photo of Lalita Kumari

    Lalita Kumari Cast

  19. Photo of Guddi Maruti

    Guddi Maruti Cast

  20. Photo of Murad

    Murad Cast

  21. Photo of Sonia Sahni

    Sonia Sahni Cast

  22. Photo of Sudhir

    Sudhir Cast

  23. Photo of Piloo J. Wadia

    Piloo J. Wadia Cast

  24. Photo of Kamalkant

    Kamalkant Music

  25. Photo of Sonia Gupta

    Sonia Gupta Producer

  26. Photo of Gyan Shiv

    Gyan Shiv Editing

  27. Photo of Haque

    Haque Sound

  28. Photo of Mannu

    Mannu Sound