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  1. Photo of Georg Althammer

    Georg Althammer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roland Klick

    Roland Klick Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Charly Wierczejewski

    Charly Wierczejewski Cast

  4. Photo of Eva Mattes

    Eva Mattes Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Degen

    Michael Degen Cast

  6. Photo of Walter Kohut

    Walter Kohut Cast

  7. Photo of Hans-Michael Rehberg

    Hans-Michael Rehberg Cast

  8. Photo of Eva Schukardt

    Eva Schukardt Cast

  9. Photo of Rudolf Brand

    Rudolf Brand Cast

  10. Photo of Witta Pohl

    Witta Pohl Cast

  11. Photo of Ferdinand Henning

    Ferdinand Henning Cast

  12. Photo of Tilo Weber

    Tilo Weber Cast

  13. Photo of Alfred Edel

    Alfred Edel Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Irle

    Hans Irle Cast

  15. Photo of Jost Vacano

    Jost Vacano Cinematography

  16. Photo of Peter Hesslein

    Peter Hesslein Music

  17. Photo of Jane Sperr

    Jane Sperr Editing and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Christian Dalchow

    Christian Dalchow Sound

  19. Photo of Werner Gieseler

    Werner Gieseler Sound

  20. Photo of Thomas Kukuck

    Thomas Kukuck Sound

  21. Photo of Gerard Rueff

    Gerard Rueff Sound